Auto K 400

   Supply Voltage    415V, 2 Lines of 3 Phases, 50Hz AC
   Rated Input Current    63 Amps
   Rated Input KVA    26 KVA
   Open Circuit Voltage (Maximum)    80 V
   Range of Welding Current    80 - 400 Amps
   Maximum Continuous Hand Welding current at    60% duty cycle (Rated welding current)    300 Amps
   Type of welding current regulation    Stepless
   Type of cooling    Natural Air Cooled
   Net Weight (Approx).    115 Kgs
   Approx. Dimension    600 x 410 x 720 mm

AUTO 400 is real workhorses for precise and quality MIG welding. The six-phase thyristorised system gives ripple free DC output for excellent welding quality. The machines ensure non-stop reliable operation for long periods, with minimum trouble and maintenance. It has proven itself to be the top performer on every count, where quality and reliability is in demand. The remote control enables the welder to change the welding current & voltage even during welding.